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Artwork by Andrea Goodman

Mixed Media - Photograph

Red Pawn: Even a small pawn casts a long shadow

In thinking about care for the environment I notice people often feel too small to have any impact on the world, but if all of us take action, collectively we can make change. So this is about the power of individual action, how even a small player can cast a long shadow across the game, and have a big influence on the world. One can choose how to use that influence; is your shadow falling on the light or the dark? And the choice of red for the pawn... sometimes things are simply not black or white.

Intended as a throught provoking piece, this mixed media creation is one that did not go according to plan. It started as a few different components, and then each component had it's own struggle to fit, and in the end, it was the story that brought the parts togeter.

Red Pawn: even a small pawn casts a long shadow - mixed media artwork photograph by Andrea Goodman

Red Pawn - Photograph

The red pawn is sclupted from modelling foam and the chess board is crafted from recycled papers, bark pattern drawings and security envelopes, the artwork is created by photographing those components in sharp morning light.

Homage to Trees, 1 of a six part series of mixed media artworks by Andrea Goodman

Mixed Media - Drawings with roots

In this six part series called 'Homage to Trees' I am exploring working with post consumer recycled materials, in mixed media assemblies with pen and ink drawings. In 1 of 6, pictured to the right, a piece of wood showing patterns left by insects is incorporated into the hangar along with brass and copper wires. The texture of the corrugated cardboard background mimics the painting of bark and wood textures under the pen and ink drawing. The work is finished with mat acrylic sealant for durability.

Homage to trees two of six detail close up view of homage to trees two of six
Two of Six features a monoprinted painting behind the pen and ink drawing (the monoprinted bark texture was created using recycled celphane)

Homage to trees 3 of 6 recycled artwork tribute to trees titled Homage to Trees 3 of 6 detail view
Three of Six features a security envelope with watercolour as the 'painted' background image behind the pen and ink drawing, the pattens of security envelopes fascinate me and appear in several works in this series of six pieces.

mixed media artwork, pen and ink drawing mounted on contrasting papers and corrugated, with a wire hanger incorporating old scrap metal pieces This pen and ink tree drawing is mounted on contrasing coloured paper and then onto corrugated, with an itegral hanger made with recycled wire, found old metal objects. I like incorporating recycled paper and corrugated into drawings of trees, I think of it as a way to honour the life of the tree. Incorporating found manufactured objects that I find on my walks, most often metal but sometimes glass or plastic, is just another way of connecting my artwork and my environment.

Gadgets, embellishments and jewelry like wire frames

I used to love making jewelry, but I got tired of the limitations of 'wearable' art - it limits the choice of materials, size, shape and weight. Incorporating jewelry like embellishments into frames for artwork is gives far more scope for exploration, and lets me play in three dimensions too!

mixed media frame on original pen and ink artwork embellished drawing by Andrea Goodman
Pen and ink drawing with coloured background on a recycled corrugated and wire frame embelished with beads and buttons by Andrea Goodman Starfish in pen and ink with wire frame and bead emblishments

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