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Andrea Goodman

Me and crayons, we go way back...
Andrea and her Parrotlet Delilah Inhaling deeply of the aroma of a box of crayons, I'm transported back through a kaleidoscopic jumble of happy childhood memories. The smell of markers takes me back to the invigorating excitement of high school graphic design class, and jostling elbows with the leftie sitting to my right.

Yes, I'm sentimental about the aromas of art; but it's the visual experience of looking at a subject and interpreting it onto paper that captivates me. Although my artwork is seldom a literal record of what I see, it is still a representation of a visual experience.

The act of putting a visual experience onto paper causes one to focus much more intently on the act of seeing. Whenever possible I try to make my own visual experience more concrete by noting tactile, auditory and olfactory impressions, but my mind boggles at the idea of trying to convey those sensations in a visual image. Perhaps my subconscious does something with the information, or perhaps it simply makes the act of drawing a pleasantly absorbing activity.

Letting my artwork escape the confines of my sketchbooks feels rather bold; thanks for sharing the adventure with me!

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A few random thoughts about my artwork

"Whimsical" is one of the descriptions of my artwork I like best.

Even though my artwork isn't usually very literal, I have a rather literal mind and I think somehow that shows in my work.

I'm omnivorous; I like many different media, pens, pencils, paints, crayons, pastels... I enjoy experimenting with ways to combine media to see what new appearances I can achieve.

I like random elements; mono printing and other techniques where unplanned developments can surprise me.

I have a sketching bag that has traveled with me since high school; it's been hiking and camping, it's been packed on horses and motorcycles... it's an old friend.

the artist wrestles a tent, Andrea enjoys camping and drawing

A few irrelevant and random notes

I have 3 feline art critics who occasionally contribute random elements to my work.

I also have 2 parrots, and aquatic frogs, completing my household soundscape; I love all beings!

I enjoy hiking, motorcycling, yoga and meditation.

I delight in drawing out of doors, my well traveled sketching army surplus satchel is one of my most prized posessions.

I'm happy when I'm making artwork.

Still curious?

Here's my Artist's Bio as a PDF File: Andrea's Artists Bio

Buzz, feline art critic

The Critics

My three cats, Flick, Dot and Buzz, occasionally contribute random elements to my artwork, bumping my elbow while I draw, or 'texturizing' corrugated cardboard for me.

They are also art critics, frequently dismissing and occasionally destroying works which they don't approve of.

Each piece of artwork sold will come with a free cat hair... if you can't find the cat hair included with your artwork, one can be sent to you by mail immediately! If you would prefer a feather, arrangements can be made.

Dot feline art critic

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